Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Starting my treatment

So, for a week now I have been prepping my skin by scrubbing it and using some naturally moisturizing oils and a specific stretch mark cream. But that is not of big importance because that doesn't change things much, maybe just a little.
I am also taking some vitamins like fish oil 2x and Perfectil. Used to take vitamin E, but somehow I don't think I should take it again.

So about the areas of my stretch marks...They are on the outer butt cheeks and a little on my outer thigh.
Mostly they are white lines, not longer than 5cm. But as I've been shedding some weight lately I've noticed some new lines along which are pink and indented, also on the back of thighs. Mostly they are invisible now, but I want to start my treatment as fast as I can so they would smoothen out.

At this point I have to say that I am no doctor or health specialist that knows everything and anything about the theme "Stretch marks", but I've done my research to try to the best I can on my own.

Actually, my dermatologist said nothing concrete and didn't even mention dermarolling when I was visiting. And as I said before I really do think that this is still an open sphere where you can fight on your own and do the most research and find the most amount of published clinical studies.

I have read so many articles, seen so many pictures with before and after of different treatments (of course those could be photoshopped btw) and read so many different reviews on this procedure. But you'll never learn and know how it actually works until you try it yourself.

I have to say that I am aware of the issues that come with treating any kind of skin imperfections, meaning- you have to know your skin type, the elasticity of your skin and how fast it heals and I guess you have to be pretty sure why your stretch marks appeared in the first place to know how to act in the future.

I still have to do some ordering on vitamin C, ret. A, some numbing creams and I guess I'll just look up for some other beneficial creams or oils that can help me during my journey.
And I also used Skinception for a while, but didn't notice anything good, but maybe it was just a too short of period to judge.

For now, best regards Daisy

How it all began

Hi, my name is Daisy and I am willing to share my experience on fighting stretch marks. Yes, that is a fight and isn't an easy one, but that's why I want to share my story.
Where did it all start...I guess I can start by saying that I never knew about any kind of skin problems until I turned about 12 years old when I first noticed some growth spurt related stretch marks. And that really caught me off- guard because up until the age of 12 I was this skinny, normal sized girl who used to dream of modeling and fashion related career. But things change and when I was at the age of 15 I understood that there won't be any modeling career for me because of my height which is 5 foot 7 inches and my teenage- problem- related weight which has been fluctuating from 158 pounds to 132 pounds.
At the age of 17 I started some bad dieting and easily dropped about some 24 pounds in a period of two weeks. And repeated this a few times.
The sad thing is that nobody actually helped me to understand the pressure that I was putting my body at.
My skin has been stretched so many times. Though I have never been fat or actually that overweight I still managed to get my head full os depressing thoughts and sadness.
As I mentioned - my first stretch marks appeared at the age of 12 and at the age of 19 I actually decided to do something about them. But I had my hands empty. There turned out to be nothing that could actually help me to get rid of my marks. I have searched over internet a dozen of times for solutions, medical explanations and a cure. But for a long time I still had nothing that good. I even went to a dermatologist and she told me that all the treatments combined still could give me just about a 30 % better appearance if any at all. And there I was empty handed, again. At one point I  was ready to give up on my life as a normal 20 something woman, but then again I put the bad thoughts aside and decided to fight. Why? Because this field is really open. There can be treatments after a year or five and I don't want to waste every day of my life whining to myself and depressed.
As Gandhi has advised us to accept our imperfections and be thankful for them just as much as our perfections, I couldn't agree more and try to make the best out of it. Because these imperfections of mine have given me a much more different view on life. They make me appreciate what I have and be thankful for that. And besides, no one is actually perfect only their imperfections differ.
So what is the actual purpose of this blog...Well, I'm going to try out a different approach to my problem, I just had my dermaroller ordered and I'll try to document my progress and try different approaches to get the best results. As far as the dermaroller promise goes, it promises about a 70 % improvement of the appearance of stretch marks. And I'm also going to try single needling. And of course some creams and oils. But I'll specify that when I start my treatment.
I am going to provide pictures and keep up with the progress (if any?).

Best regards Daisy